Premier’s ultimate aim is to become an extension of their client’s business. To achieve this it is essential we gain as much knowledge as we can about the clients business to ensure that we consistently provide the correct staffing solutions. The only way to gain this knowledge is to actually spend time within the clients business.

This is why we at Premier undertake a very different approach. Unlike other agencies where the norm is an initial sales meeting, a 10 minute tour of the workplace, then workers supplied with occasional follow up calls, thus leaving the client to solely integrate the workers into their business and assess their suitability for the job role, our approach is more proactive and hands on. Our contract manager will be on site day one, often working alongside the workers we provide to help with their integration and to see first-hand the various job roles, procedures, practices and tasks undertaken.

In our experience our initial participation on site speeds up the whole integration possess which results in less down time for the client and provides us with a real understanding of what the client ultimately requires from the temporary workforce in the way of skills and abilities. We are also more than willing to work with our clients to develop and provide any additional training that will increase the quality and productivity of the workers we supply.

Other benefits:

  • We appoint a dedicated contract manager to each client, who will be available 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • On larger contacts, where the agency’s onsite presence is required a site co coordinator can be appointed.

  • For the harder to reach sites or those which work out of hours for public transport, transportation can be provided by us in either 16 seat minibuses or coaches of up to 70 seats if necessary.